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  • November 11, 2011


How do I register?
You can register by clicking HERE

Registration: Empire State Cup now registers on-line.  You will have the choice of either paying on-line by credit card (Visa or Master Card) or by personal check. If you choose to mail in your payment, the registration is not complete until payment is received. After June 5th, we accept credit card payments only. If you are ready to register click HERE.

When is the registration deadline?
Registration deadline is on or before July 20.

Who is eligible to register?
We do accept student-athletes in grades 5-12 (students entering the sixth grade and graduated seniors are no longer eligible).

Can I tryout for more than one region?

Yes you may tryout for as many regions as you wish, as long as tryout dates do not conflict, or prior arrangements are made with the coaching staffs.

Who are some of the coaches so I can contact one to get on his team?
We do not give out the coaches’ contact information. We will forward requests and your e-mail and/or contact information to the appropriate coach. If the coach is interested, he will respond to your request.

How do I reach my child in an emergency?
All of these numbers are ONLY applicable for August 1 through August 4, 2013

Empire State Cup Staff 24/7 Emergency Numbers: 315.408.8260


What time is check-in and where?
There is no ‘official’ check or check out times.  The game schedule will be posted well in advance and you are responsible for being on time and at the correct location.  Games will being midday on Thursday and end the medal round will conclude midday on Sunday.  Information as to the location can be found on our website, or is given though your coaching staff. All ‘Local’ and/or ‘Hotel’ teams are checked in by their coach. If you’ve lost your confirmation information, please contact us


Make all checks payable to:  Empire State Cup

Be sure to include the PARTICIPANT’S NAME AND TEAM # on the check.

Mail to:

Empire State Cup

13 Baron Avenue

Deferiet, NY 13628


What if I need to talk to your medical staff ?
A member of our certified athletics training staff will be available at all games.

Do I need a full physical?
Yes. We also require, a parent or legal guardian to acknowledge the prompt for our Waiver & Release within the on-line registration process. This ‘signature’ also represents acceptance of responsibility that the participant is in good physical condition to be a competitor. All participants are required to have this ‘signature’ in order to be eligible to play.

I’m just getting over an injury and, even though I can’t play, I still want to come and be part of my team. Can I still attend? 
That is up to you and the team coach. Standard fees do still apply.

I have food allergies. Who do I talk to about my meals?
The only food available through the Empire State Cup is via concession, which is available through purchase at the venue, if your child is staying with another family, please take the appropriate precautions

Do you have medical supervision at the games? What is your injury procedure?
We hire a certified sports medicine staff. They are on site at every game. Injuries are evaluated by the on-site staff and their emergency protocol is followed. Parents are contacted when advanced treatment is required (transportation to hospital or follow-up treatment at home).


How is the cup set up?
High School coaches bring regional all-star teams composed of players who compete for roster spots at one of 6 regional tryouts from around New York State and each team competes for a mythical New York State championship.

These coaches select the competitors for their teams.
The tournament consists of 6 teams. There will be regional play for seedings and then tournament play for medal rounds. Games begin Thursday afternoon. Teams play two games on Thursday and three games on Friday.  On Saturday teams will be seeded and the playoffs begin the lower seeded teams will play two games, while seeds I and II play one game on Saturday.  This will give each team one final game on Sunday, the consolation, bronze, and gold medal games

What does “being on a team” mean?
Regional coaches will bring the team selected from their top 24 athletes after their regional tryouts which take place in June, prior to the cup

How many games do we play?
Each team will play a minimum of seven games. Teams play two games on Thursday and three games on Friday.  On Saturday teams will be seeded and the playoffs begin the lower seeded teams will play two games, while seeds I and II play one game on Saturday.  This will give each team one final game on Sunday, the consolation, bronze, and gold medal games

What time is the first session?
The Tournament Schedule will be available a few days before camp begins.

What time and where are the practices on registration day?
Empire State Cup does not provide practice opportunities. Check with your team coach to see if he has made special arrangements.  Practices for this event are limited to three per region

What team won the championship last year? Who will be there this year?
This is the inaugural year of the cup, it is up for grabs, everyone has an equal opportunity under the games format

Given my son’s experience, do you think this is a good camp for him to attend?
The Empire State Cup consists of a very high level of competition. Only you and your son know whether or not it is appropriate.  We strongly encourage all athletes especially younger players to tryout, the experience is one of a kind, and it increases chances of exposure at a young age.

Are spectators allowed at all the games?
Yes. Allowed and encouraged. Schedule of games, listing of sites and directions available on our website, ticket information can be found as well

When do I get my jersey and the camp schedule?
Schedules will be available at registration and at www.empirestatecup.com a few days prior to the cup. Please take a look at your team’s first game before coming to the fields.  Jerseys are distributed by your coaches either at check-in or at your first game.

Where can I find directions to all the field?
Please visit our directions page.

Where can I find the game schedule and up-to-the minute results?
Please visit the schedule page.


What, if any, transportation is provided?

NONE, All participants are responsible for all travels to and from the tryouts, event, games etc

Who else is attending from my area so we can car pool?
In order to protect personal privacy, The Empire Cup will not give out this information. Please check with your team coach.


Can my child stay in a dorm?  If not what are the accommodations?

No, The Empire Cup does not provide housing nor transportation for any of the events hosted.  The Empire Cup has hotel partners which can be found by clicking here.


What are the fees? 
Please visit our Registration and Cost page for this year’s info.

If we find a replacement for our son who is canceling, why don’t we get a full refund?
Finding a replacement must be worked out with the coaching staff (who have a list of alternate participants in case of certain situations) Certain processing fees and deposits are incurred for each applicant. We will incur these same expenses again for the replacement. You may, of course, contact us for further explanation.

Why should I be penalized by your refund policy if I have an injury preventing me from attending the cup?
We have certain processing fees and deposits we pay for each applicant. Despite your advance cancellation, we cannot recover the fees.

I was injured the first day and had to leave. What will my refund be?
Our cancellation policy is very clear. As of the first day of camp, we provide no refunds. You may, of course, contact us for further explanation.

My doctor says I might be okay by the time camp starts. How long can you hold my spot?
We can hold your spot until a few days before camp, but you will be subject to our refund/cancellation policy. You must also consult your coach as he may need to replace your position at an earlier time.

Because I’m letting you know I might have to cancel due to an injury what will my refund situation be?
Full payment is due with your registration. Our refund policy is designed to minimize the impact to both parties in the event of a cancellation. Please see our Refund Policy.

Instead of a refund, will you hold my deposit for a spot in next year’s camp?

I can’t afford to pay the whole fee up front. Can we set up a payment plan?
Yes, but only under very special circumstances. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.


What colleges will be represented there?
The Empire State Cup anticipates we will have over 100 Div I, II and III colleges represented during the course of the event.

Do the college head coaches come to see the players at the cup?
In most cases, yes. Some schools send assistant coaches.

How do coaches know who you are?
The Empire State Cup provides each college coach in attendance with a COACHES BOOKLET. This booklet includes each team’s roster with jersey number, name, position, high school, and year completed in school. The roster information is confirmed by the teams’ coaches.

How can I be sure that I will be seen by all the coaches?
You cannot. We rotate teams, times and game locations to afford everyone the best opportunity for exposure to the college coaches in attendance. Our goal is to provide a high level of competition and a forum for college coaches to view players, tryouts and games. The Empire State Cup is powerless to determine what coaches watch which games and players.

Will playing time be fair?
We encourage all team coaches to be fair and equitable with playing time, however, we provide them the autonomy to coach their respective teams however they deem fit. The Empire State Cup is designed to be a very competitive environment and this is a question more appropriately asked of your team coach before you choose to attend.

Do I get to talk with any of the college coaches?
No formal environment is set up for contact. Contact with specific coaches should be initiated by the participant. All contact is subject to NCAA regulations.

Will I be breaking any recruiting rules by talking with a coach while at camp?
Contact with specific coaches should be initiated by the participant. All contact is subject to NCAA regulations. For more information visithttp://www.ncaa.org/

If I meet with a college coach during the camp is that considered my “visit”?
All contact is subject to NCAA regulations. For more information visit http://www.ncaa.org/

How can we receive a review from any of the college coaches who saw my son play?
Please contact the college coach directly.


Are video recording of the games available?
Yes the Empire State Cup has teamed up with LacrosseRecruits.com for any and all of your video needs.


Here is a check list of what to bring:

·         lacrosse stick

·         helmet

·         shoulder pads

·         gloves

·         protective cup

·         rib pads

·         your uniform and practice wear

·         cleats

·         turf shoes

·         athletic clothes: shorts, tshirts, etc

·         flip flops

·         sunscreen

·         toiletries: shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc.

·         swimsuit

·         water bottle

·         camera (optional)

·         spending cash (for camp store, travel meals, shopping)


Is Empire State Cup merchandise available for purchase?
2012 Empire State Cup will have the following merchandise for sale:
– Shorts
– Performance T-Shirt
– Cotton T-shirt
– Floppy Hat
– Beach Towel
– Socks
– Stickers

Where can I purchase Empire State Cup merchandise?
Look for the Champ Camp tent at these locations:
– Online
– Henninger High School


All participants will receive a Empire State Cup reversible jersey.


Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Policy without Cancellation Insurance:

If for any reason you have to cancel your registration, you will be issued a credit for all fees paid to the event, less the online registration processing fee ($10); if you cancel before 10 days of the scheduled event. This credit will be valid for any Cradle Sports event for one year from the date the registration was made and is transferable to another immediate family member. If you cancel within 10 days of the event, no credit or refunds will be issued. No exceptions.

Cash refunds will only be issued if Cradle Sports Cancellation Insurance has been purchased.

Cancellation Policy with Cancellation Insurance:

Cancellation Insurance is available to be purchased at the time of your registration for identified programs. This insurance guarantees you full cash reimbursement of all fees paid upon registration, less the online registration processing fee($10), if you cancel before 10 days of the event for which you registered. If you have to cancel within 10 days of the event you will receive a 50% credit to a future Cradle Sports event, valid for one year from the date the registration was made. Cradle Sports Cancellation Insurance fee is non-refundable.

Once the program for which you are registered has begun, no refund or credits will be issued. Pro-rated cash refunds or credits will not be provided.

Inclement Weather Policy:

In the event of inclement weather, Cradle Sports will make every effort to continue the scheduled program at the discretion of the event director. If extreme weather occurs, such as lightening, extreme heat, hail, etc., Cradle Sports may be forced to cancel the scheduled program in order to protect player participants and staff. If an event is canceled due to weather, a notice will be posted on our website’s bulletin board and an email will be sent out to you. We encourage parents to make arrangements for the pick up of their children, if the weather suddenly turns or if lightning, tornado or severe weather warnings are issued. There will be no partial refunds or full refunds due to unforeseeable weather circumstances.

Cancelled Program Policy:

Cradle Sports reserves the right to cancel an event for any reason. If there is low enrollment or a facility change and we are forced to cancel the event, you will be refunded all monies paid to Cradle Sports.

About Empire State Cup

The Empire State Cup was designed in 2012 to give high school boys lacrosse players in the state of New York another opportunity to be seen and recruited playing at the highest level of competition possible.

The 2015 Cup will introduced a new format with 3 divisions for boys and girls lacrosse and a brand new 7 v 7 football division.

Lacrosse Divisions are by graduation year 2015, 2017 & 2019. Players can only play for one division, and are eligible to play up a level.

ESC now has introduced football with two divisions of 7 v 7

Graduation years 2016 & 2018.

The cup is designed to see who indeed is the best region in the Empire State.